Preparing For Your First Visit


During your first visit…

You’ll be greeted by our friendly front desk staff upon arrival to the clinic. During your short wait time, enjoy the comfort of our waiting room. The naturopathic doctor will greet you and show you to the treatment room.

The initial appointment is 60 minutes in length, during this time the naturopath will review your top health concerns and obtain more detailed information about when the concern started, how it has progressed, and what has worked or hasn’t. Your medical history is reviewed including past illness or diagnoses, and any current medical conditions, medications, and supplements. Diet, lifestyle, sleep, energy, stress, and digestion are also discussed.

A physical examination where blood pressure, temperature, and pulse is obtained. If deemed necessary additional targeted physical examinations are conducted.

Closer to the end of the visit, the naturopathic doctor reviews a treatment plan with you. Treatment plans may consist of additional testing, nutrition plans, acupuncture, supplements, or herbal remedies aimed at addressing your presenting health concerns.

You will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask questions throughout the appointment.

It is important for the naturopath to know all necessary medical information, which is why appointments are an hour in length. This provides time for discussion and questions.

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