Hormone Testing

Hormone testing is helpful for finding out if hormone levels are optimal for health.  Dr. Kate offers three methods of testing hormones:

Saliva Hormones

Hormones have been measured in saliva for over thirty years, and research continues to accumulate attesting to its reliability and clinical relevance. Saliva hormones can be tested in males and females (with or without cycles). Hormone testing can be useful in:

  • Women who still have menstrual cycles but are experiencing infertility, PMS, mood swings, anxiety, or painful periods.  

  • Women in peri-menopause and menopause who often experience debilitating sleep disturbances, night sweats, hot flashes, accelerated bone loss and many other symptoms related to hormone changes.

  • Individuals experiencing unexplained weight gain, depression, irritability, difficulty coping, bone loss.

Urine Thyroid Hormones

Symptoms such as depression, fatigue, cold body temperature, arthritis and muscle cramps, headaches, weight gain, and poor reflexes may be a result of an under-functioning thyroid gland. A 24 hour urine collection can be used to help determine if symptoms are thyroid related. Urine hormone analysis, like saliva hormone analysis, is noninvasive and convenient to do at home.

Serum (Blood) Hormones

Hormones can also be measured in the serum or blood. Patients who prefer this method will have blood drawn at a lab. Results are then sent to the naturopathic doctor and reviewed thoroughly in office. Any questions you have about your results can be answered in your appointment.