It's Wedding Season! Here's Your How-to Guide so Stress Doesn't Take Over

Wedding season is upon us, and regardless of your role in the wedding (bride, groom, bridal party, or attendee), weddings can be one of the happiest and most stressful times of our lives. I have created a how-to guide for minimizing/eliminating stress and other common issues so you can focus on what matters most, having a beautiful wedding day! 

So you may be wondering, why is a naturopath writing about wedding preparation?? Well, anyone who has planned or is currently planning a wedding knows the amount of work and worry that goes in wedding preparation. From the beginning there is stress and anxiety which can take a toll on our physical and mental health; this is where a naturopath comes in. Naturopathic doctors are highly skilled primary care providers that help their patients obtain optimal physical and mental well-being before, during, and after major life events and everywhere in between. Here are some ways a naturopath can play a part in your wedding prep. 

Physical Preparation
Whether you are the bride, the groom, or attending a wedding this summer/fall one of the biggest concerns people have is looking and feeling our best. Naturopaths are here to support you in a variety a ways, whether your goal is lose those extra pounds, clear up your skin, get your digestive issues under control, or focus on getting a restful night's sleep, we can help! Naturopaths have a variety of tools and skills to help you get to the root of your health concern so that you get results that last. 

Mental Preparation
Stress and worry/anxiety are probably high if you are currently planning or preparing for a wedding. But, did you know there are many ways naturopaths can help you manage stress so you don't let it get the best of you during this time. Through a variety of supplements, lifestyle modifications, coping, and stress management techniques, you can control and even eliminate your stress. For example, meditation is a simple skill that anyone can practice to help control stress, decrease anxiety, improve heart health, and achieve a greater sense of relaxation, in as little as 10-20 minutes daily. Want to try meditation but not sure where to start? I often recommend that my patients check out or for beginner's guides to meditation. 

There is no question, weddings and the parties before and after are some of the best times. The hangover that follows those events isn't the greatest... did you know there are some simple tricks to eliminating that hangover? Although I don't promote excessive alcohol consumption, I know there are times when we all let loose and maybe have a few too many drinks so here a few tips and tricks to prevent the hangover. The secret to eliminating that hangover lies in taking vitamins, before and after drinking! Combining 4 vitamins: B complex, NAC, vitamin C, and magnesium does wonders in eliminating hangovers. Drinking water to prevent dehydration from alcohol, pacing yourself, eating before and after, and not over-doing it also play a key role in avoiding hangovers. If you're wondering how to safely combine the vitamins listed above and how much is an effective amount, speak to your naturopath.

Dealing with the Aftermath
Perhaps you didn't see this article until after the party and your currently trying to cope with the aftermath of a hangover, well I've got some tips for that too. Exercise, to sweat out the toxins you ingested while drinking, make sure to hydrate and replenish electrolytes with coconut water and bone broth for minerals, try a cup of black coffee to reduce your headache, and lastly take some ginger if you're feeling nauseous. Ginger can be found in capsules, fresh in your local grocery store, or teas/herbal forms. 

Remember it is important to seek the medical advice of a trained health professional, such as a naturopathic doctor before implementing any new intervention as naturopaths are trained to assess if the intervention is appropriate for you. Naturopaths make sure that treatments and supplements will not interact with any other medications/supplements you may be taking. 

Wishing you all a happy and healthy wedding season! Yours in health, 

Dr. Kate Klein, ND