This is a sample report showing the hormones tested.

This is a sample report showing the hormones tested.

Hormone Testing

Are you struggling with weight gain? Sleep disturbances? Depression? Irritability? Hot flashes? Night sweats?

Or perhaps, infertility? Painful periods? Anxiety? Mood swings? If you said yes to any of these your hormones may be out of whack! 

How can you find out if your experiencing a hormonal imbalance? 

By doing a simple, at home saliva test! No needles or visits to the lab. Simply book an initial visit with Dr. Klein, ND. If your symptoms indicate your hormones may be off, you can purchase a saliva test kit to take home that day.

Saliva hormone testing is simple, accurate, and easily obtained. Five hormones make up the Female Panel: cortisol (the stress hormone), DHEAs, estradiol, progesterone and testosterone.  Interactions between these hormones are fundamental to health - which is why imbalances can have a significant impact on well-being. 

Knowing your hormone levels and how hormones work together may help your clinician find the right hormone solution for you.