Did you know you may be able to see a naturopathic doctor for free?

Investing in your health is important, but sometimes the cost might be a factor in delaying your visit. Did you know that you may be eligible to get 100% of your money back?

Many people don’t realize that their extended health benefits covers up to 80% or more of the cost associated with seeing a naturopathic doctor. Usually employees are provided with enough funds to cover the cost of multiple visits. Typically benefits run from January to December and renew in the new year. This means that you can access the health you want and deserve at little or no out of pocket cost.

As we head into the Fall there are only 3 months left to use your employee health benefits. Don’t let these funds go to waste. Invest in you, invest in your health & well-being. Call or check with your plan provider to see if you have naturopathic health benefits.