Are you looking for a different and unique approach to your health? Perhaps you are struggling to find answers for an on-going health concern or you just can't make sense of the symptoms you are experiencing. As a naturopath, Dr. Kate Klein determines and treats the root cause of your concern in order optimize your health. 


WHY work with a naturopath?

If you are looking to increase energy, improve mood, optimize digestion, relieve pain, get a better night’s sleep, increase immunity, prevent colds & flus, improve skin, resolve allergies, pin point food sensitivities, prevent headaches & migraines, lose weight, regulate hormonal imbalances, & much more, connecting with a naturopathic doctor can help. Book your 15 minute FREE consult today.


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Now Offering B12 Injections

Want more energy, brain power, better digestion, muscle strength, and to improve mood? Read more about the benefits of B12.


Thinking about acupuncture or cupping?

You may have seen that cupping is trending in the media as of lately, from olympic athletes to pop stars, this form of traditional Chinese medicine is gaining popularity.

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Buy professional grade vitamins

Tired of spending hours looking for the right vitamins? Not sure if the one you’re picking off the shelf is a good quality? Check out Dr. Kate’s online store: create an account, search for the supplement, have it shipped directly to your house or office in as little as two days.


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Dr. Kate Klein, ND

Dr. Kate Klein, ND


Find out more about my journey to naturopathic medicine.

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